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柴米油盐酱醋茶 Bio Tree Wellness Double Happiness Bundle Pack 双喜临门礼盒

RM 238.00
柴米油盐酱醋茶 Bio Tree Wellness Double Happiness Bundle Pack 双喜临门礼盒 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Double the joy! Introducing the exclusive Limited Edition Double Happiness Bundle Pack: Harmony Pack + Blessings Pack!

「柴,米,油,盐,酱,醋,茶」, loosely translated as “firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea” has roots back to the Song Dynasty, where they are deemed as the Seven Necessities to begin a day in a household.   

A home can be simple, yet the Seven Necessities are the basic fundamentals we cannot do without. A simple meal at home is possible with the blessing of the Seven Necessities. 

May the Seven Necessities, embellished with a modern touch, usher in blessings as you embark on your new journey. 

May you be blessed with the Seven Necessities: the warmth of firewood, the sustenance of rice, the richness of oil, the flavor of salt, the zest of sauce, the tang of vinegar, and the comfort of tea. 

May your family be blessed with abundance, happiness, and good health, and may the path ahead be adorned with prosperity and lasting joy.

This modern-style seven-grade exquisite gift box is not only a heartfelt and meaningful present but prioritizes health above all!

What's Inside?

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双倍的喜悦!推出独家的双喜礼盒套装:幸福七品礼盒 + 祝福七品礼盒!





愿您,阖家幸福生活,丰衣足食, 平安、健康、快乐!





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