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Roots Propolis Enzyme 750ml

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The word Propolis, which means ‘Defender of the City’ in Greek, is believed to have been coined by Aristotle who identified how propolis was used to protect and defend the hive. Bees create propolis, a natural resin and highly complex chemical mix, to build their hives. Bees also take advantage of the antibacterial and antifungal effects of propolis in protecting the colony against diseases. Propolis is made from the buds of conifer and poplar trees, beeswax, and other bee secretions. 

Propolis is useful in the alleviation of joint and muscular pain, arthritis and rheumatism. Propolis treatment is viable for skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis as it has antibiotic and antifungal properties. Propolis can be helpful in relieving asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Propolis has been known in treating gastro-intestinal problems, inflammatory bowel problems and blood disorders. It can promote cell regeneration, treat gastric ulcer treatment, prevent cancer and tumor and alleviate mouth diseases. Propolis acts as a stimulant for the immune system. Propolis helps regulate cytokines(the immune system's messengers) and therefore stimulates the natural resistance of the body. 


Like any other honey bee products, around 10% of the human population cannot tolerate propolis. Customers should avoid propolis if they have asthma, allergic to bee stings and bee pollens, have allergic/hypersensitivity reactions to propolis,  Populus nigra  L. (black poplar), poplar bud, or Balsam of Peru.  


Ganoderma, also known as Reishi or Lingzhi, are wood-decaying fungi with a cosmopolitan distribution. According to a Ming Dynasty physician Li Shi Zhen, in his book Compendium of Medicine, he suggests that ganoderma can nourish our strength, gives us the vital essence, prolong life, and relax our mind and body.  

Ganoderma are known to help in instances of cough, asthma, insomnia, forgetfulness, and loss of appetite. It can improve vascular and neurological systems. Ganoderma can also enhance our immune system and strengthen our liver function.  

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