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Roots Noni Fruit Extract 50ml

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#Noni (Morinda citrifolia), also known as Mengkudu, was discovered by the ancestors of the Polynesian people of the South Pacific about 5000 years ago. The Noni was revered as a medicinal agent among folk healers and was a source of nourishment in times of famine. It was also referenced in the Ayurvedic’s writings and Chinese medical history several thousand years ago.  

With Bio Tree’s biofermentation technology, the goodness of Noni is brought to you in a compact yet powerful bottle. Try it and see! 

Noni’s existence has been traced back to 2000 years ago, where Polynesians used them as food and medicine. Noni, or scientifically known as Morinda citrifolia, Dr Ralph Heinicke, a biochemist in the USA, discovered Noni to contain Xeronine that can activate the enzymes in our bodies. Clinical studies have revealed that consumption improves quality of life scores related to physical functioning and energy levels. 

8 Main Benefits of Noni 

1. Research at the University of Metz in France, demonstrated the central analgesic activity of noni to alleviate pain of many types. Moderate doses of noni was measured to be about 75% as effective as an equivalent dose of morphine sulfate. 

2. Noni stimulates the production of nitric oxide, to your body fight against the cancerous replication of cells. 

3. Noni stimulates seratonin (which affects mood, emotions and sleep) and melatonin (helps us to sleep better) 

4. Noni contains antibacterial agents that fight infectious bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. 

5. Noni increases Hemoglobin count in blood. 

6. Noni is high in phytonutrients, selenium, and vitamin C, which fights free radical damage on blood vessel walls; scopoletin, a compound that may lower blood pressure; it is alkaline, which keeps bodily fluids from becoming too acidic, therefore hurting free radicals. 

7. Noni prevents the absorption of LDL cholesterol, thus reducing plaque in arteries, keeping you healthy . 

8. Noni has properties to fight infections comparable to that of prescription drugs. It contains anthraquinones, scopoletin, and terpenes, among others all work together to fight diseases. 

How Noni Enzyme works in the human body?  

Activation of cells 

- Repair and regeneration of cells 

- Promote metabolism 

Digestion and metabolism 

- Accelerate the digestion and absorption of nutrients 

- Break down the stool in colon, fat, protein, starch, and hazardous substances 

- Increase good bacteria, improve constipation 

Purify the blood 

- High Antioxidant 

- Keep the blood alkaline 

Strengthening organ 

- Stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol 

- Control of blood pressure, protects the heart 

- Soothing the nervous system, helps in sleeping quality 

Enhanced resistance 

- Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial 

- Remove harmful bacteria to maintain a healthy body

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